Sound engineer and composer Dominique Bassal studied electroacoustics at a time when this art form was at the forefront of technological artistry. Later, working in the commercial music industry, he transposed the techniques of the avant-garde to the pop industry. By 2001, the music industry had surpassed the avant-garde in adapting technological advances and Bassal, upon his return to the electroacoustic community, was then able to contribute his acquired knowledge and techniques to an under funded and isolated milieu.

Through his writings, conferences and seminars, and his mastering work at empreintes DIGITALes, Bassal has been recognized in the international electroacoustic community for his advocacy of a high level of professionalism in electroacoustic production.

His music is based on polyphonic ambiances — intense, anguished, strange and sumptuous spaces — and a concern for a comfortable listening situation with narrative clarity. In 2002 he was a winner in Jeu de Temps / Times Play, and since 2003 has been a jury member for the project.

Recent News

Bassal’s DVD Ubiquité was published in Fall 2009 by empreintes DIGITALes [IMED 09101]. Visit the publisher’s site for more information on the composer, programme notes, reviews and upcoming events.


BEAST (UK), EuCuE (Montréal), Festival di musica acusmatica Cagliari (Italy), Festival MANTIS (UK), Festival Nuit Bleue (France), Festival Punto de Encuentro Valencia (Spain).


Bassal’s music can be heard on his new solo DVD Ubiquité (2009) and on Cache 2002, both available through empreintes DIGITALes.