Press Comments

“four works, all tasty morsels”

Review of the DVD Ubiquité in De:Bug 142 (May 2010).

Sound drama is indeed on the programme. Four works, all tasty morsels, that were composed in the early part of this decade and later expanded to 7.1 surround, revised in some cases. [Bassal’s] goal … of achieving the highest standards in sound quality — both in his role as mastering engineer for the label and on his own debut release — is perfectly reflected here, also on the æsthetic level: transparent, highly crafted layers penetrate the aural space, and although there is a lot happening here, everything fits together. This release is a picture-perfect example of the familiar yet somehow still foreign sound world that this field has to offer.

“talent to use sound as a narrative structure”

Massimiliano Busti, review of the DVD Ubiquité in Blow Up 144 (April 2010).

The talent to use sound as a narrative structure distinguishes the work of Dominique Bassal.

“molecular turbulence, iconoclastic rumblings”

Review of the DVD Ubiquité in Bad Alchemy 65, 1 March 2010.

Eyes closed, I hear Action Painting à la Pollock, dramatic splintering of crystals, molecular turbulence, iconoclastic rumblings.

“embellished, dark nuances”

Ingvar Loco Nordin, review of the pre-publication version of the CD Ubiquité (2009) on Sono Loco, 2005.

Bassal enters my listening in embellished, dark nuances, softly but ominously bending my world into a state of curving time.

“a modern electroacoustician at his best”

Ingvar Loco Nordin, review of Noyade en magma (2001) on Sono Loco, 2005.

The sound immediately forms samurai swords that cut past your face diagonally in blinding stellar reflections off of the cutting edges. This is sharp dude audio; brilliance and delicacy at work; at masterwork! This is a modern electroacoustician at his best, all in a deeply French tradition; shadings and nuances out of the GRM, out of the GMVL and Studio Celia.