Brief Biographical Info

David Berezan (BA, MusM, University of Calgary; PhD, University of Birmingham UK) has composed works for electronics and instruments, solo electronics, and collaborative interdisciplinary work, but his primary focus is acousmatic music. He is also a practitioner and proponent of sound diffusion performance and the interpretation of fixed-media work. His work has been awarded in the Bourges (France, 2002), Luigi Russolo (Italy, 2002), Radio Magyar (Hungary, 2001), CIMESP (Brazil, 2003, 2005), L’espace du son (Belgium, 2002) and JTTP (Canada, 2000) competitions. He has worked in residence in the studios of The Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada, 2000, 07), ZKM’s Institut für Musik und Akustik (Germany, 2007), GRM (France, 2007), IMEB (France, 2007), ESB (Switzerland, 2005), and Tamagawa University (Japan, 2007). In 2003, he was appointed Lecturer and Director of the Electroacoustic Music Studios at the University of Manchester (UK) and founded MANTIS (Manchester Theatre in Sound).

Upcoming and Recent Performances

June, Daegu Festival (South Korea); 1 Jun, ICMC (New York); 17 Apr, Elektronischer Frühling (Vienna); 6 Mar, BEAST (UK); 30 Oct, MANTIS Festival (UK); 1 Oct, Channel Noise Festival (GA USA); 13–20 Sep, Música Viva (Lisbon).

Recognition (selection)

Prizes: Bourges (IMEB), CIMESP São Paulo, Concurso Internacional de Miniaturas Electroacústicas, JTTP — Jeu de temps / Times Play (CEC), Luigi Russolo.

Commissions: Aldeburgh Festival, Bourges, University of Birmingham.

Residencies: The Banff Centre, Bourges, Elektronisches Studio Basel, GRM, Tamagawa University, ZKM.

Performances: BEAST (Birmingham UK), The Cutting Edge (London), DIEM (Åarhus, Denmark) EuCuE (Montréal), Futura (France), ICMC, ISCM, SARC (Belfast), SICMF (Seoul), Synthèse (Bourges, France), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany).


Berezan’s music can be heard on his recent solo DVD, La face cachée (2008) as well as on seven other discs, including ICMC 2005, Música Maximalista / Maximal Music (CIMESP), Viewpoint: Works from BEAST, Presence and Cache 2000. These discs are available through empreintes DIGITALes.