copyist, translation and transcription services

An individualized æsthetic approach to each score assures coherence between all textual and graphical elements. The appearance of every score prepared by shirling & neueweise exhibits detailed consideration of the specificities of the music and its notation — reflecting, in some cases, characteristics of the composer’s handwriting — rather than being subject to a blanket “house style”.

Software used: Finale, Sibelius.

View examples representing a variety of æsthetic and notational approaches, from a “classical” “Beethovenian notation” look through to individualized modern notation styles and proportional and graphic notation.

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Translation, proofreading and editing services are available for the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese. Services offered include the following:

Some examples of translation of texts in the electroacoustic milieu can be found at the following sites:


From your audio document we can perform different levels / kinds of transcription according to your needs: archival, publishing, accessibility and more.

Examples of corrective transcriptions can be found on the following site:

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