jef chippewa is a composer, new music notation specialist and arts administrator, not to mention a fantastic cook. Sound objects and funky performance techniques have long played an important role in his compositional work, while theatricality and gestural choreography have been integral components of his most recent instrumental pieces: the concert-theatre-fluxus work cabinet de curiosités (2015), the live-notated something like this but not this and not that either (2017) and the single-upbow string trio al tallone (2018). His work has been presented in traditional concert venues, art galleries, festivals and trains by ensembles such as LUX:NM, CrossingLines and ensemble recherche. In 1999, chippewa founded shirling & neueweise, a company specialized in New Music notation, and he has led seminars on “New Music Notation: Score design, function and role” in Canada, Germany, Mexico, Israel and the USA. Since 2005, he has acted as Administrative co-Director of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Canada’s national association for electroacoustic practices, and is Coordinating Editor of their electronic journal, eContact!

events and things

new webpage — al tallone (2018), for string trio: programme note, trailer and score excerpts

new webpage — something like this but not this and not that either (2018), for 4 musicians, composer and live-notated score: programme note, trailer and score excerpts


26 apr — something like this but not this and not that either performed as part of the TENOR conference performers’ lab
matra black box theatre, montréal (canada)

13 feb — al tallone premiered by ensemble recherche
morat-institut, freiburg (germany)


14/16 apr 2019 — seminars at haifa university (israel): new music notation; notation for electroacoustic media

24/26 jul — panel discussion on notation at darmstadt summer new music courses (germany) led by lucas fels with helmut lachenmann, cathy milliken, christian dierstein, stefan fricke, etc.: notation als imperativ; open form (germany)


Typology and Problematics of Fixed Notation for the Representation of Electroacoustic and Digital Media: Preamble; Part I. Waveform display notation” in eContact! 19.3 — Notation for Electroacoustic and Digital Media: Visual representation, communication and transmission (Jan. 2018)

An Artist’s Reading of the New Funding Model Implemented by the Canada Council for the Arts in 2017” in eContact! 19.3 — Notation for Electroacoustic and Digital Media (Jan. 2018)

Épater la bourgeoisie… whatever. On the obsolescence of subversion” in eContact! 16.4 — Experimental Practices and Subversion in Sound (Mar. 2015)

Miniature Form in Electroacoustic and (Instrumental) New Music: A typology supported by an audio gallery in order to establish a conclusive definition of ‘miniature form’” in eContact! 16.3 — TES 2013 (Dec. 2014)

“Practicalities of a Socio-Musical Utopia: Degrees of ‘freedom’ in mathias spahlinger’s ‘doppelt bejaht’ (studies for orchestra without conductor)” in Nutida Musik 3–4 / 2012–13 (June 2013), trans. into Swedish by Andreas Engström [ pdf english original ]

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