In recent works, Canadian composer jef chippewa has explored the potential of the miniature as a way of problematizing musical form, notably with 17 miniatures (flute, extended piano, drumset and dozens of sound-producing objects) and in his footscapes (electroacoustic) and postcards (toy piano, sound objects) series. His compositions have been performed in Ai-Maako (Santiago), Darmstadt Ferienkurse, FUTURA (France), Inventionen (Berlin), ISCM (Stuttgart, 2006), MANTIS (Manchester) and Visiones Sonores (Mexico). Ensembles such as LUX:NM, Trio Nexus and ensemble recherche have commissioned and/or performed his compositions. In 1999, jef chippewa founded shirling & neueweise, a company specialised in New Music notation. Since 2010 he has been developing a module-based seminar, “New Music Notation: Score Design, Function and Role,” that he has given in various forms in North America and Europe. jef chippewa is Administrative co-Director of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Canada’s national association for electroacoustic music, and Coordinating Editor for the CEC’s quarterly electronic journal, eContact!



150213–15 — footscapes: one and march (electroacoustic) and DUO (electroacoustic) in 21st dias de música electroacústica | casa municipal das artes, seia (portugal)

150115 — 3 postcards (toy piano, sound objects) in sonus ensamble — “MINUS: menos es más” | museo de arte moderno, cuenca (ecuador)

141127 — footscapes: one and march (electroacoustic) in em-hören series — “ à la recherche de la miniature” | berlin (germany)

seminars and other presentations (for details, visit shirling & neueweise on Facebook)

140817 — lecture-recital: “notation for electroacoustic and digital media works: the problematics of representation” | TIES 2014 — toronto international electroacoustic symposium

140625–27 — block seminar: “new music notation: score design, funtion and role” | CMMAS, morelia (MX)

140623 — presentation: miniature form and object “orchestration” in my recent works | CMMAS, morelia (MX)


dec 2014 — publication of “Minature Form in Electroacoustic and (Instrumental) New Music: A typology supported by an audio gallery in order to establish a conclusive definition of ‘miniature form’” in eContact! 16.3 — TES 2013 (December 2014).

june 2013 — publication of “Practicalities of a Socio-Musical Utopia: Degrees of ‘freedom’ in mathias spahlinger’s ‘doppelt bejaht’ (studies for orchestra without conductor)” in Nutida Musik 3–4 / 2012–13 (June 2013). Trans. into Swedish by Andreas Engström. [ pdf english original ]

recognition (selection)

Commissions: LUX:NM, Trio Nexus, ensemble asamisimasa.

Residencies: The Banff Centre, Centro Mexicano para la Música y Artes Sonoras, Leighton Studios.

Performances: Ai-Maako (Santiago Chile), Darmstadt (Germany), Dias de Musica Electroacustica (Seia Portugal), EuCuE (Montréal), Futura (France), Inventionen (Berlin), ISCM 2006 (Stuttgart Germany), MANTIS (Manchester UK), Visiones Sonoras (Morelia Mexico).


chippewa’s music can be heard on PRESENCE II and Cache 2000, which features selected works from the CEC’s 1st Jeu de Temps / Times Play (JTTP) project. These discs are available through the Canadian Electroacoustic Community and empreintes DIGITALes.


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