list of works

suboptimal outcomes (2023 / 20:00) for yves charuest and ensemble
commissioned by yves charuest and LUX:NM ensemble (berlin) with the support of the canada council for the arts, akademie der künste berlin (projekt initial) and DMR — deutsche musikrat (neustart kultur).

tautological responses to systemic redundancies (2021 / 20:00) for yves charuest and string quartet
commissioned by yves charuest and the bozzini quartet (montréal) with the support of the canada council for the arts.

al tallone (2018 / 15:00) for string trio
commissioned by ensemble recherche with the support of the canada council for the arts. [TRAILER]

something like this but not this and not that either (2017 / 24:00) for cello, 3 mobile musicians, composer and live-composed score
commissioned by LUX:NM ensemble (berlin) for the kontraklang series with the support of the canada council for the arts. [TRAILER]

cabinet des curiosités (2015 / 35:00) staged work for sax, accordion, trombone, violin, sound objects
commissioned by LUX:NM ensemble (berlin) for infektion! 2015 (festival of new experimental music theatre) — “fluxus reloaded”.

1 ÷ 4 x 4 ≠ 1 (2013 / 0:15) for recorder quartet
première at BKA theatre in berlin (germany), 22 april 2014, by QNG — quartet new generation.

footscapes: one (2010/13, 2:05); march (2011/13, 2:16) electroacoustic miniatures, stereo
composed at CMMAS (centro mexicano para la música y artes sonoras, morelia, mexico), and revised / mastered in 2013.

17 miniatures (2012 / 25:00) for three musicians playing flutes, extended piano, drumset and dozens of sound-producing objects
commissioned by trio nexus (berlin). première at konzerthaus berlin (germany), 7 november 2012, by trio nexus.

“… unless he senses when to jump” (2011, rev. 2012 / 10:00) for alto sax, accordion, violin, cello, piano and drumset
spalt: the delicious residue of the imperfect
eleven: effervescent powder
spur: 7 frivolous & somewhat incompatible encounters of the sacred & the profane
commissioned by LUX:NM ensemble (berlin) with the support of the canada council for the arts. première at HBC in berlin (germany), 3 november 2011, by LUX:NM.

SD: 3 x 3 simultaneous duos (2011 / 7:00) for 6 musicians and an assistant
commissioned by LUX:NM ensemble (berlin) with the support of the canada council for the arts. première at HBC in berlin (germany), 3 november 2011, by LUX:NM.

“entertaining in its distinctive craziness”
— andreas engström, “upptrampade spår av populärmusik,” nutida musik, 10 november 2011.

postcards (2011–) miniatures in postcard format for solo to small ensemble
sens unique (2011 / 2:30) for toy piano and sound objects
wiegenlied [lullaby] (2011 / 2:00) for toy piano and sound objects
ritual (2011 / 2:30) for toy piano and sound objects
…zu… […towards…] (2013 / 0:15) for recorder quartet
toy piano postcards premièred in paris (france), 22 september 2013, by stefanos thomopoulos (projet bloom).

the sounds of machines used to compose electroacoustic works (2010 / open dur.) stereo / multi-channel sound installation
unobtrusive work for artistic gatherings, press conferences and the like; programming by tim sutton.

fluxus events / environments for forest, wildlife and grand piano, spring edition (2009)
total duration from a few moments to one month or more; also exists as a limited edition artist book.

…without… (2008–12 / 12:00) for electric guitar, piano and percussion
commissioned by håkon stene, ensemble asamisimasa (NO). premièred by ensemble asamisimasa, atriet, oslo (NO), 28 march 2008.

1+5 (2006 / 3:00) for slam poet, flute, viola [or vln], cello [or], piano and drumset
premièred by cheryl l’hirondelle, chenoa anderson, alexa beattie, nigel boehm, jef chippewa and karl schwonik, the banff centre, rolston recital hall, 18 jan 2006.

wind trio on E (2005 / 6:00) for flute, oboe and clarinet
premièred by chenoa anderson, carmen thierry-palomino and alicia bennett, “aber was ist normal?”, the banff centre, bentley recital hall, 29 november 2005.

timely and inconclusive cogitations on the aftermath of the bourgeois ego’s impending psychopathological collapse, the developmental potential inherent to it, and the utter absurdity of any attempt to translate it into musical materials (2004, rev. 2009) for flute, viola, piano
commissioned by miguel ángel villanueva for ars moderna (mexico city).

in nomine (2004 / 5:00) for flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, viola and cello
composed for ensemble recherche. premièred by ensemble recherche “20th anniversary concert”, historisches kauhfohsaal, freiburg (DE), 11 june 2005.

“… jef chippewa’s [in nomine] was a particular kind of experience. His inspiration stretches to the use of day-to-day objects such as dusters, polishing rags and vegetable graters. Also noteworthy were the sonic evolution of falling [jelly beans], mumbling, and the sound spectrum of the striking of clay pots and gathering of its broken shards in a metal pail.”
— “the saturday concerts: between experiment and sound research. glissando whispers and bursting flowerpot fragments,” stuttgarter nachrichten, 17 july 2006.

for piano [parts] (2003 / 6:30) for audience, several hundred piano tuning pins and four coordinators
premièred by jef chippewa, chenoa anderson, kyle lamont and sarah hagen (audience coordination) the banff centre, rolston recital hall, 5 december 2003.

ensemble? (2003 / 6:00) for two improvising pianists; percussion; viola, oboe and trumpet interventions; horn, 2 trombones
premièred by søren bebe and john stetch (pnos), nicolas jacques (pc), élodie guillot (vla), marc pasteau (ob), annelisa pederson (tpt), david quackenbush (hn), megan hodge and alden lowrey (tbns), the banff centre, rolston recital hall, 31 october 2003.

breathe (2003 / 0:56) electroacoustic; exists in three versions
co-composed with joão miguel pais. premièred in “vorecho neue musik reihe”, kammermusiksaal der musikhochschule freiburg (DE), 26 june 2003.

plastik [disposable music #2] (2003 / 10–20:00) for 3–5 executants
mini-version premièred by johannes fischer, håkon stene, joão miguel pais and marc tritschler, freiburg (DE), 27 may 2003. full version premièred by jef chippewa, søren bebe, nicolas jacques and kyle lamont, the banff centre, glyde hall, 10 december 2003.

dedication [disposable music #1] (1999, rev. 2000, 2002 / open dur. ) for string quartet… or any other formation
premièred by yasutake hemmi, marie-noël laporte, peter neubert and olga veselina, darmstadt ferienkurse (DE), 20 july 2000.

shifting perspectives on an object which cannot be depicted explicitly (let alone wholly!), but only implied (2000 / 8:00) for flute octet
commissioned by the ensemble contemporain de montréal, for the flute ensemble alizé. premièred in salle gabriel-cusson, conservatoire de musique de montréal, 12 october 2000.

nasenflügeltanz (1999) creation of “ex timbres” for performance with this stockhausen composition
collaboration with percussionist philip hornsey

DUO (1997–98 / 2:43) electroacoustic (analogue synthesis with alto sax materials)
Saxophone source materials by yves charuest. premièred in “MEDUSA inter-university series”, salle claude-champagne (université de montréal), 15 may 1998.

gradations (2) (1998) version for two percussionists

gradations (1997) for solo percussion
commissioned by philip hornsey. premièred by philip hornsey, the banff centre, rolston recital hall, 11 february 1998.

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