articles & reviews

Typology and Problematics of Fixed Notation for the Representation of Electroacoustic and Digital Media: Preamble; Part I. Waveform display notation.” eContact! 19.3 — Notation for Electroacoustic and Digital Media: Visual representation, communication and transmission (January 2018).

An Artist’s Reading of the New Funding Model Implemented by the Canada Council for the Arts in 2017.” eContact! 19.3 — Notation for Electroacoustic and Digital Media (January 2018).

An Artistic Genealogy of Hugh Le Caine 1939–1989.” eContact! 17.2 — The Quiet Legacy of Hugh Le Caine, Canadian Pioneer in Electronic Music (January 2016).

Épater la bourgeoisie… whatever. On the obsolescence of subversion.” eContact! 16.4 — Experimental Practices and Subversion in Sound (March 2015).

Miniature Form in Electroacoustic and (Instrumental) New Music: A typology supported by an audio gallery in order to establish a conclusive definition of ‘miniature form’”. eContact! 16.3 — TES 2013: Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium / Symposium Électroacoustique de Toronto (December 2014).

“Practicalities of a Socio-Musical Utopia: Degrees of ‘freedom’ in mathias spahlinger’s ‘doppelt bejaht’ (studies for orchestra without conductor).” Nutida Musik 3–4 / 2012–13 (June 2013). Trans. into Swedish by Andreas Engström. [ pdf english original ]

fluxus events / environments for banff national park, spring edition (for wildlife, forest and grand piano). Artist book in a limited first edition of 5 copies, 2009. [ www ]
[ Includes event scores, performance photos, rock / rock fragments, deer droppings, bear bell, maps and more ]

“Being About Music: Tracing the American Post-War Musical Consciousness.” Book review: B. Boretz and J.K. Randall, Being About Music (Open Space, 2003). 2005, rev. 2007. [ pdf ]

“Reflection upon Issues of Identity in New Music Composition, via plastik.” Conference proceedings of the Generative Art Conference-Festival. Milano, 2004. [ www ]

“Wreck’s Progress, Vol. 1.” Musicworks 74 (Summer 1999). CD review.

“Commentary — Los Angeles: Prise II.” Musicworks 73 (Winter 1999). Concert review and reflection on cultural appropriation (Nouvel Ensemble Modern).

conference & symposium papers

“miniature form in electroacoustic and new music” — presented with audio examples at the 6th visiones sonores festival (CMMAS: morelia, mexico), concordia university (montréal), “from tape to typedef” symposium (sheffield UK) and TES 2013 — toronto electroacoustic symposium.


Sauer, Theresa (ed.). Notations 21. New York: Mark Batty Publisher, 2009.
Examples from my copyist work in recent years appear in a follow-up to Cage’s Notations: excerpts of …without… (chippewa), éphémère (spahlinger), Trois Canons (Pauset) ]


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